I am delighted to announce that The Charnel House won best anthology at the 2015 Saboteur Awards. It is a huge honour and such a credit to the wonderful contribution the 37 poets made to the book and to Tom Corbett at Bridgedoor Press for not thinking a poetic graphic novel was a ridiculous idea.
It was amazing to find out that 409 people voted for the book to win. Thank you so much everyone. Click on the link below to see a digital version of the book. There are a few copies of the hardback left. You can email me for a copy at de_fres@hotmail.com


The Charnel House is a poetic graphic novel by Tom de Freston in collaboration with 37 contemporary poets. Published by Bridgedoor Press

‘The Charnel House’ is extraordinary.  It teems with life, composed in all kinds of fractal, doubling structures and through the looking glass possibilities. Every node and fold in de Freston’s visions is potentially apocalyptic, but also a personal suffering, or a barely communicable erotic paroxysm; every figure might be released into their own tale – which is precisely what the book achieves, whilst also implying countless other narratives, waiting to be released.’ Professor Simon Palfrey, Oxford University

“Tom de Freston has produced something quite unlike any book I have seen before. The pictures are disturbing, the poems challenging. There is a prodigal richness of talent allied to a tumultuously anarchic vision that demands – and finds – a quite new way of expressing itself.” Professor John Carey- literary critic for the Sunday Times.