Having started a blog the next logical step is to embrace the contemporary reality TV format and the public voting system. I can’t offer you celebs eating worms or One Direction, but I can offer you a choice over two directions (see what I did there). I am just in the midst of working up the following image into a large painting. I can’t decide if i should add in a witness figure in the bottom right hand corner or not. Without a witness figure the picture all exists on a fairly shallow plane, and the action is all about the fall, with a witness figure we are given a wider plane, with a distance created between the two points of drama (the action and the witnessing of the action). It shifts the image from one about the drama of the fall to one about the spectacle of the drama. Thoughts- I promise to go for the option that gets the best way*

*Just like Blue Peter promised to name the Cat whatever we the viewers choose (Cookie) but then stole out democratic rights and went for socks. If I do rig the vote then you can see this as some grand karmic revenge on Koonie Huq

Voting is under way

Fall fall witness