Oxford-based artist Tom de Freston is exhibiting a new series of large-scale paintings that will offer viewers a lush feast for the eyes. Featuring febrile, thick patterns of paint against calmer, flatter backgrounds, de Freston’s The Charnel House is a visual sensation, seamlessly weaving together two-headed gasping horses, light bulbs and sickly bright flowers with smooth panache. All at once disturbing but riveting, de Freston’s paintings fracture and re-assemble the narratives of the modern age, leaving us to make sense of images charged with complex meanings.

24 Deposition

Richard Cork has mused of de Freston’s work: “Obsessed by images of humanity on the very edge of disintegration, he is audacious enough to convey our most haunted fears about a world struggling for survival in the twenty-first century.” Certainly, the presence of anthropomorphic creatures in quotidian situations creates the effect of unease and anxiety, but also draw us in with their strange, memorable beauty.