Group show 2

Manski, Cohen, de Freston 30d Great Sutton Street London, EC1V 0DU Private View: 6 – 9 pm, 26th February Show runs: 27th February – 30th March 2013 Open: Tues – Sat, 12 noon – 6 pm or by appointment Manski, Cohen, de Freston is BREESE LITTLE’s first group exhibition of three of the gallery’s represented artists. The show will bring together a selection of work from Jan Manski, Benjamin Cohen and Tom de Freston’s studios, serving as representative examples of extensive practises and projects currently in production. The approaches on display are highly distinct in terms of motivation and handling of media, and are indicative of obsessive focus and rigorous investigation within their own defined parameters.

Jan Manksi’s inaugural solo show with BREESE LITTLE was staged at the Rochelle School in April-May 2012, showcasing ONANIA, the artist’s terrifying and mythical universe of mankind’s most despicable habits. Manski has long been developing POSSESIA, another of the three parts of his trilogy, an environment realised in dark, earthy and organic materials, such as fur, leather, soil and animal bones assembled with steel. POSSESIA’s world of pagan ritual and the occult is based on instinctive evil drives latent in human nature, which can become exploited by intentionally untapped ambition and self-destruction. Benjamin Cohen continues to investigate competing figurative and abstract forces in his large-scale paintings. 2012 saw the introduction of the Dumbo series in Cohen’s practise, fragmenting the notorious Disney character in various interiors with an adventurous and continually evolving manipulation of space and paint, working with found imagery in tandem with Photoshop. Cohen is currently studying for his MFA at Central Saint Martins and will present the two most recent contributions to the Dumbo works. Reliably working on several projects simultaneously, Tom de Freston’s work is united by complex frames of reference, predominantly inspired by art history and the role of tragedy and epic narrative, from sources such as Shakespeare and Gustav Meyrinck’s The Golem (1914) alongside more existentially abstracted scenes. de Freston’s considerable recent canvases, Quartet, introduce increasingly geometric inner frameworks for the artist’s mismatched cast of protagonists, teetering on the edges of richly worked, multi-media painted surfaces. de Freston will exhibit two of the new Quartet works.

Group show