Tom de Freston exhibited at the ‘Paint’ exhibition in London, Friday 4th to Sunday 27th June.

The exhibition brought together a group of emerging artists united by an obsession with paint. From an addiction to their practice, to handling the substance of their medium, the selected artists live through this all-encompassing commitment to paint, as often required of painters in an era dominated by new media. HRL Contemporary has an affinity with these emerging artists, brought together for their shared dedication and potential to mould the direction of contemporary painting.

Tom de Freston’s work dwells on themes pertaining to the inevitable failure of heroism and the inherent tragi-comedy of this inevitability. Like an opportunistic magpie, de Freston plucks heroic figures from iconic paintings in the Western canon of art history, which appear, reformed, with a child-like scrawl, in his panoramas.


PAINT is curated by HRL Contemporary in association with DegreeArt.com.