This is the monster we need, and Tom de Freston shows us how to use it.

Toby Parker Rees- Flaunt Magazine

Tom de Freston’s body of work is a chaotic-seeming world of the grotesque and the shocking.

Christiana Spens- The Quietus

De Freston's newest canvases are populated by a bizarre species of animal-human hybrids

James Cahill- Elephant Magazine

This deep kind of irony is one that opens up an ambiguity so complete that even the normal implication of mocking or satirising carried by irony cannot gain any firm hold.

Sam Rose- Routledge

It was like walking into a glorious guignol version of hell, a compendium of the grandest iconographers.

Dan Holloway

If de Freston’s paintings deal in illusory doubles, they also – by contrast – present instances of the dispelling of illusion, of disillusionment.

James Cahill

De Freston's paintings are confirmation that contemporary art is still able to offer a new and engaging reflection on themes that have fascinated artists for centuries.

Sir Nicholas Serota

Obsessed by images of humanity on the very edge of disintegration, Tom de Freston is audacious enough to convey our most haunted fears about a world struggling for survival in the twenty-first century.

Richard Cork

I get exactly that feeling of bleak despair from Tom’s harrowing Lear paintings, powerful to encounter and difficult to live with.

Sir Trevor Nunn

Tom de Freston’s recent show reveals not only the vitality of contemporary painting, but also how different art forms continue to feed each other and inspire new approaches.

Charlotte Seymour

De Freston's solution is a powerful and original one

The Hon Rowan Williams

Animal masks hide their faces, freeing them to explore an erotic dance of carnal desire.

Samantha Sweeting

We live in a society so saturated with spectacles of suffering that we have become anesthetised to pathos.

John-Paul Pryor- Topman Generation

A wealth of vivid and evocative work

Dr. Abigail Rokison

de Freston conveys the crisis of meaning integral to the reified and secularised world of latecapitalism.

Rye Holmboe