When did we skip from January to June? Have the austerity cuts got so bad that they took February, March, April and May from us? I have written less on the website then ever before, mainly because more has been happening than ever before. I thought it worth trying to condense it all into one post. […]

Poor Tom

Some compositional possibilities for the Poor Tom paintings: playing with Golden Rectangles.

Poor Tom

Some early studies for the Poor Tom series that I am working on as part of my Creative Fellowship at Birmingham University. Trigger warning: in regards to some of the images below.

The Journal Of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

The Journal Of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, a review of Figuring Out Figurative Art: Contemporary Philosophers on contemporary paintings. The collection of essays Figuring Out Figurative Art is based on an unusual and charming conceit: philosophers were invited to write about a work of art chosen from a portfolio of contemporary figurative paintings and drawings. They […]

New space

I am working on some new paintings which are looking to develop a new kind of space in my practice. These images are some of the things I am having in the back of my mind as I start to collage together material.

Orpheus photos- a boat, a tree, sunflowers, a pig and a dog.

Tonight is the opening of Kiran’s debut play, BOAT, produced by PIGDOG (Max Barton and Shawn Soh). Having read the script and seen snippets of the rehearsals, I am certain it is going to be something quite special, with a mixture innovative design, poetic and magical scripting, distorted soundscapes, brilliant versatile acting and expressive direction. One […]

OE drawings

Working away on chapter seven on the OE graphic novel. Here some drawings which will be incorporated into three of the frames.

OE- photos for graphic novel

I am currently working on a graphic novel retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice, to be published next year by Bloomsbury. It is quite time consuming as a large percentage of the frames (and on average there are about five frames per page and 250 pages) are the result of an array of processes. This includes staging […]

OE Bindwood drawing

Yesterday I uploaded some photographs of Bindwood from my new garden. The photographs are the perfect source for some new drawings I have been working on today (see below). The drawings are for the graphic novel I have coming out with Bloomsbury in 2016, a retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice. I can’t say too much […]

Bindweed in the Underworld

I spent the weekend in the garden of our new house. I am building a studio at the bottom of the garden so I am taking the opportunity to get the whole space in a decent state. The process is more laborious than I thought as there were broken fences, a huge Bindweed issue and the need […]

Peter Thomas- photos

A few months ago Peter Thomas came to visit the studio and very kindly took a few impromptu photos. I am not great with a camera pointed at me, I tend to either look awkwardly happy or pretentiously serious. Peter is an excellent photographer and managed to make me relax. I have been asked to send off some artist photos […]

New Life models

Some models for the New Life series. Going to work on some small paintings based on these over the next few days.  

New Life drawings

Some new drawings and digital collages for the New Life series.

New Life models

Some new models to develop some new figures for ‘New Life’. Drawings and mini sculptures to follow.

New Life

Some new 2x2ft paintings (all oil on canvas), developing material for the New Life project with Dan O’Brien.