Tom de Freston was the 2012 Hatley Resident at C4RD. This solo exhibition marks the end of his residency.

“I am working on this project in collaboration with the theatre director Max Barton. This body of drawings will then be the foundation, in terms of research, imagery, narrative and ideas for a large body of paintings and a new play, both also in response to Meyrink’s novel, and is part of a proposal for a Wellcome Trust research project with Professors Sarah Franklin and Martin Johnson.

C4RD has provided me with a space (both physical and psychological) in which to pursue a new direction in my work away from painting and consider the ability for drawing to develop ideas and working processes. Already I have noticed significant shifts, through practice and conversation, in the way in which I go about making my work and the subsequent imagery and ideas. Andrew Hewish has also helped me being the process of setting up a network of like minded figures, particularly in the area of graphic novels, which is new to me. This wonderful opportunity will continue, I am sure, to provide new avenues and developments in my work.”