FATHER TIME Orpheus searching for Eurydice 16 Ritual 15 The Dark francesca woodman 3net francesca woodman2net francesca woodman 1 net falling net 1fsdgUntitled-25 9 raft 6 Remember remember 5 Flaying 8 Boat 7 Crucifixion 2 Dance 1 Bath net underworld net bundle 23 Last Judgement 2 23. Last Judgement 25. Pandora 24 Deposition 26. Split 22. fallaf By any other name Diana You can make it drink They knew what they did Bathroom A pity Hung Raft Mother Wept Raft2 The catch Waterline Fear of flying Spin King Father and Son Acteon Father Cliff Storm Seen What the Water Gave Us Quarter- stage IV for web Quarter- stage III for web Quarter- stage II for web Archipelago I Raft web goatsong web House of the Deaf Man Band 4 Artist Tom De Freston Prepares A New Exhibition Of His Work 2 1 Golem Lovesong Blasted 21. Water Closet. 2011. Oil on canvas. 200x150cm. 37. Dead Son. Oil on canvas. 2011. 200x150cm 22. This is the end. 2011. oil on canvas. 200x140cm death kl macbeth waterboarding MSND Deposition Where the Hell are we? Elizabeth Siddal as Ophelia Othello and Desdomona Lear and the Fool in the storm The blinding of G 1814 The Death of a Frenchman 23. Falling Man. 6x4ft

Latest Exhibition: The Charnel House- Breese Little

Tom de Freston: The Charnel House Breese Little Gallery- 12th of November 2013-11th January 2014 They inspire in the reader/viewer the same sense of disquiet and dread and awe – because there is beauty too. It’s like you’ve both breathed in his darkness and made it your own. (Sir Anthony Sher on House of the Deaf […]